Love Your Body Week Themes

  • MON: Understand Your Body
    Addresses genetic diversity and normal ways that kids’ bodies grow
  • TUES: Listen Your Body
    Differentiates messages from the Heart from the Tummy
    Addresses healthy ways to cope with feelings
  • WED: Respect Your Body
    Honor Hunger & Fullness signals
  • THUR: Move Your Body
    Why being active is a great idea
  • FRI: Love Your Body
    Explore the power of words, positive self-talk, and being kind to others regarding body size

The Love Your Body Week Handbook Includes:

  • Full Mouse, Empty Mouse discussion guide
  • Planning Time Table
  • Ideas for parent involvement
  • Suggestions for Non-Food related rewards for kids
  • Ideas for Specials Teachers (music, art, physical education)
  • Warning signs for eating problem and Resources
  • Handouts for teachers and daily handouts for parents
  • Daily lunchroom Table Tent Cards


Love Your Body Week

The Backstory

Alarmed by schools’ draconian attempts to address childhood obesity by sending BMI report cards home to “at risk” kids, Dina wanted to find a way to incorporate the gentle messages of Full Mouse, Empty Mouse into schools. She developed a school-wide eating disorder prevention program called Love Your Body Week which brings the lessons of the story into the classroom.

About Love Your Body Week

Love Your Body Week is an eating disorder prevention program that takes place around the elementary school day: in the gymnasium, the art room, the bathroom, the lunchroom. It can be implemented by parents as a fun adjunct to an obesity prevention or wellness program. Each day of Love Your Body Week is devoted to a different theme: The themes, if repeated each year, provide children with emotional coping skills that can help them listen to and understand the signals in their bodies, cope with feelings in healthy ways, and be sensitive and compassionate towards each other regarding body size. These skills can help inoculate kids to the social stresses and body changes of middle school. Introduced at Warren Jackson Elementary School in 2004, Love Your Body Week has become an annual event embraced by teachers and students alike. At first skeptical, teachers now express gratitude that the school is addressing these issues. Kids sing the Listen to Your Body song down the hallway!

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