Full Mouse, Empty Mouse

Full Mouse, Empty Mouse (Magination Press, 2007) is the first eating disorder prevention book for kids. It follows two mice who use food to cope with stress. Billy Blue overeats for comfort while Sally Rose under-eats to stay small and safe. Their wise aunt teaches them to listen to their bodies, reach out to caring adults and express their feelings in healthy ways. Illustrator Brian Boyd captures the adventures of the mouse family in lush detail. The book won the Gold Moonbeam Award in the Children’s Wellness Category and iParenting Media’s “Best New Product of 2007.” To purchase the book, visit http://www.apa.org/pubs/magination/441B003.aspx


Enjoy the first teen/adult coloring book addressing body image issues!

Inspirational quotes adapted from “Full Mouse, Empty Mouse” and “What’s Eating Katie?” Evocative illustrations created by heather blair, nurse and artist.

“These meditative images and inspirational messages invite us to bring color to our world by calming the mind, soothing the heart and delighting the soul.” ~Anita Johnston, author Eating in the Light of the Moon.

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This book is for 8- to 13-year-olds whose loved one (parent, sibling or friend) has an eating disorder.  These kids may feel confused, scared or even envious as the attention and resources shift to the eating disorder sufferer. Sometimes they fall through the cracks. This book offers guidance, support and advice. Beautifully illustrated by artist Julia Mahood, this is the first book to address their unique needs. Click here to learn more