About EDIN

The Eating Disorders Information Network (EDIN) is a non-profit committed to outreach, education and action surrounding eating disorders. EDIN’s School Outreach programs reach kids from K-12 as well as parents and educators. EDIN’s Professional Resource Network can be found at the Find Help tab of the EDIN website. EDIN’s two major fundraisers, the Celebrity Dance Challenge (modeled after Dancing with the Stars) and the annual Merrick’s Walk raise funds to support their outreach programs. Visit www.MyEdin.org to donate, join or volunteer.


The Eating Disorders Information Network (EDIN)

The Backstory

In 1996, Dina attended a professional training conference in Vancouver, B.C. where she learned about a courageous group of women recovering from eating disorders who had founded a non-profit called The Vancouver Anti-Anorexia Anti-Bulimia League. This group realized that trying to change the "pro-anorexic" culture was as crucial as changing themselves. They were devoted to fighting weight-based prejudice, raising awareness about eating disorders, and being a voice of sanity in a media culture that felt "insane."

Inspired by their drive and passion, Dina returned to Atlanta determined to carry on their mission. She reached out to other eating disorder professionals and people in recovery, and The Atlanta Anti-Eating Disorders League (AAEDL) held its first meeting in June of 1996 with thirteen individuals. Five years later, AAEDL hosted its first fundraiser featuring Jane Fonda who spoke openly for the first time about her 25-year battle with an eating disorder. That night the AAEDL was re-named EDIN, the Eating Disorders Information Network.

Today EDIN has two full-time staff, an active board, dozens of volunteers, and hundreds of members nationwide. Each year its School and Community Outreach programs reach thousands of individuals on both a local and national level.