The Backstory

Dina grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. Her father, Bill, was a pastoral counselor who worked in private practice as well as a minister who used the pulpit to share “psychological truths.” He often said that he had the perfect job: his profession allowed him the flexibility to be present for his family, while his work helping people was tremendously gratifying and meaningful. Dina’s mother, Barbara, was an active volunteer in the community, a member of the House of Representatives, and a founding member of the New Hampshire Women’s Fund which provides grants for girl-serving organizations. Dina’s career trajectory joined the passions of both of her parents through her one-on-one work with therapy clients and her efforts serving the community and affecting systemic change.

She sees clients at the Marietta and Buckhead offices of Powers Ferry Psychological Associates. To set up an appointment with her, email




About Dina’s Therapy

I work with teens (age 15+) and adults, and I specialize in eating problems, anxiety, depression, and couples therapy. I appreciate the importance of early family experiences in shaping our lives, as well as the influences of genetics, personality style and the greater socio-cultural context. When necessary, I gently guide my clients through an exploration of their history to help them connect the dots between their past and their current struggles and strengths. Through this process, my clients often realize that their story about their lives needs updating. They discover hidden strengths and moments of courage that they may not have ever considered or appreciated. This process can help break through the roadblocks that have prevented them from expressing themselves more fully and creatively in their lives.

Eating issues are often a metaphor: the body “says” what words cannot: “I am not OK.” Therapy can help you identify your needs, connect to your feelings, and find healthier ways to express these needs and feelings. It’s also about finding ways to cope with stress that are not self-destructive.

My dog Fiona sometimes accompanies me to the office. She is a small, calm, non-shedding Malti-Poo (half Maltese, half Poodle). Please read about her here.